Saturday, November 21, 2009


Been out of the country while I wait to heal. Went to Mexico where the weather is warm and living is easy. San Carlos, Sonora, to be exact. About 4 hours south of Nogales, Az. I would recommend a visit. Not only pleasant, but educational as well. Met many Americans there who are busy selling out in the US and moving home and assets to Mexico. Does that strike anybody else as amusing? I wonder what the Mexican government would do if the tide of immigration reversed and northern Mexico started filling up with pasty-faced Americans, their attitudes, flags, and expectations? I will leave you to your own imaginings on that possibility. But my point was leading up to the fact that they aren't all rich Americans relocating. Many were retirees at 62 who took their Social Security checks and beat a path to low rent, warm weather, and ice cold 4pm $0.82 Pacificos at Ruby's Wine Bar (highly recommended). Life is good in San Carlos and it doesn't take a fortune to be there. Skies are blue and clear; the Sea of Cortez is bluer still. Sun hot and bright (do bring your favorite hat and sunscreen). Fresh seafood is everywhere. Fishing is good. Landscape is dramatic Sonoran Desert replete with forests of Saguaro Cactii. Did you know the Mexican government subsides your electricity in the summertime so you can afford the air conditioning to be comfortable? Did you know the basic Mexican healthcare costs about $250 annually, and the Deluxe version is about $2000/yr? Quality of care is a non-issue from all reports, as is the proganda about crime. Do a little research yourself. You are likely to be surprised. Gasoline is about the same... but then the big drive is 15km to Guaymas for shopping and most people there avoid it whenever possible. Ergo, you don't drive anywhere over a mile or two. Daily topics are not about wars and politics, rather they are about fishing, diving, sailing, kayaking, golf, beaches, bars, and girls. Evie's French Roast, by the local coffee roaster, is every bit as good as Starbuck's; Barracuda Bob's cinnamon roll (or other pastries) are every bit as good as your current bakery. Tequilas Restuarant has a nightly $20 lobster special ain't bad for the price of a bad steak in the US. There is nothing to miss... except the grief that has become the daily drivel of American domestic banter. Take a cheap flight to Phoenix or Tucson. Take the Tufesa Bus to Guaymas. Take a taxi to San Carlos. Rent a room ($30-$100/night) and spend a few days to look around and consider the possibilities. I would be interested to hear your take on what you see.


  1. Ironic, only a matter of time that it will not be cheap and accessible to the low-cost life, like Baja changed!

    Sounds beautiful, any photos?

  2. Will! I have eight minutes until I leave for a wedding but I just checked your blog and found you alive and well in Mexican paradise. I'm ecstatic! Please email me and give me the goods. I have lots to tell you about my visits to loonie bins and story-telling on public radio and poetry and everything. I love you!